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These are some of the most frequently asked questions we get. If you need any more help, please contact us.

  • Can I secure my mobility scooter?

    You can lock it with a chain and padlock, but its best to keep it indoors or in a locked garage.

    Scooters have serial numbers so they can be tracked by the police.

  • Should I insure my mobility scooter/ powerchair

    Although insurance for mobility scooters or powerchairs is not a legal requirement, it is highly recommended.

    This is because it will product you not only against accidental damage and theft, but also negligence claims which may arise.

  • How often should you service a mobility scooter?

    Mobility Scooters/ Powerchairs should be serviced once a year.

  • Do you need to take a test to drive a mobility scooter or powerchair

    You don’t need to take a test before using a Mobility.  If you’ve never driven before, we will spend the time with you ensuring that you know how to use the scooter safely.

  • Do I need road tax for my mobility scooter

    If you have a scooter which is not capable of more than 4mph you do not need to hold any “road tax”.  However if your scooter is capable of more than 4mph, you are obliged to apply for a tax disc from the DVLA.  The disc is free of charge and it is essentially a registering process for your machine

    Class 2 Pavement Scooters can legally travel up to 6.4kph (4mph) on pavements and are allowed on the road to cross from from one to the other.  Basically this allows you to drive anywhere you are permitted to travel on foot.

    Class 3 Scooters tend to be larger, than those found in the Class 2, and can be driven on the roads where they can travel up to a speed of 12.8kph.  Most class 3 mobility scooters have two speed settings, usually changed by a switch.

    REMEMBER: –  6.4kph (4mph) maximum speed is permitted on the pavement or footpath. 12.8kph (8mph) maximum speed is permitted only on the road. Not for use on the pavement or footpath.

  • Can you service any other disability aids?

    We are able to service manual wheelchairs , tri-walkers , rollators and also Riser Recliner chairs, please give our Dedicated service team a call on 01442 270202

  • How often should I charge my powerchair / Scooter?

    It is advisable to put them on charge after every journey provided you will be able to give it an uninterrupted charge over 8 hours.  If you are not using your powerchair or scooter you will still need to charge it every other day to main the best performance for the batteries.

  • How long should I charge my powerchair / Scooter?

    For the best performance of the batteries on your scooter or powerchair, it is best to charge the batteries for a minimum of 8 hours (12 hours is the best time scales).

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